Our Story

Step by Step strongly believe in producing high quality ladders that meet our clients' needs. In making our ladders, we focus on their safety elements to ensure that they are reliable.  We also provide our customers with advices on how to use our ladders safely so that it helps to minimize the risk of accidents before, during and after the usage of our products. 

Our company specializes in the manufacturing where our ranges of products include aluminium, fiberglass and we also provide custom-made ladders to our customers' specifications. All our products are made of high quality materials and are characterised by their safety, solidity, durability, elegance and unique designs. We also offer OEM ladder services for our clients in Malaysia & international based on their requirement which are labelled under their own brand.


To educate and ensure all users of ladders are equipped with the right ladder safety knowledge and they are capable of applying them correctly in different types of working environments to achieve zero work-at- height accidents.


To understand every customer’s specific requirements in order to effectively provide sound advice and make the most suitable recommendation based on the customer’s needs and budget. It is also our mission to provide Safety Ladder Product Training Programmes whenever required. Some of the above said programmes have been conducted both locally and overseas.